Klopp sympathizes with Tenhag as head coach at the start of the season

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Jurgen Klopp, manager of the Liverpool team, despite being an enemy of Manchester United, can’t help but sympathize with his fellow professional Erik ten Hag because in addition to focusing on creating ideal football ufabet Still tired of dealing with the chaotic buying and selling market.

Klopp takes over from Brendan Rodgers Oct. 2015 , the market is closed . The pessimism also has the resources of players that people can’t afford to buy. But the optimism is that the focus is only on building a team on the field.  

Unlike Ten Hag , starting to control the ‘ Red Devils ‘ this summer, the team work is a mountain and creates the identity of playing the desired way. Where will the issue of incoming and outgoing forces be cleared ?  

Not counting the clear-cut drama with superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, who looks to beat Old Trafford three times a day .  

Just seeing it makes me tired instead, so ‘ JK ‘ gave a hug sticker to ‘ ETH ‘ before the red – hot match ( 22 Aug. )

“ Being in charge of the English Premier League , I thought it was very easy for me. because they didn’t come in at the start of the season We don’t have a market to buy and sell players , ” said Klopp .  

” In England people always say – yes , it’s not his team – so whatever I do. “

“ Actually, I immediately thought after the first day of the job that this was my team. So I felt all the responsibility with all the performances from the first game – it was easier. ”

“ So far I don’t think you can really compare it. because the time is different I joined seven years ago. It’s been a long time in football. almost a decade Many things have changed. ”

“ But it’s not easy to get a job mid-season, of course not – especially when you have to build a new team or who’s looking at it anyway. Let’s just say changing a lot of things in the team is not easy. ”

At present, even the English Premier League club has a clear division of duties between the team manager / head coach who focuses on creating results on the field and the director of football / director of sports , the role of directing the purchase – sale , extending the player’s contract.  

But with United , they are all rookies, either with team manager Ten Hag or director of football John Murtaf , resulting in a disappointing start to the season through two matches of the day.