Lampard declined to speak to Gordon

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Everton manager Frank Lampard insists Anthony Gordon is still an Everton player, refusing to speak to the players, pointing out that it is an issue. personal

         The 21-year-old attacker has been heavily link with Chelsea trying to make an offer to join the team. It has been report that the Toffees had rejected 45 million pounds previously. But “Sing the Blues” are not discourag and are ready to raise it to 50 million pounds.

         Lampard insists that the player is a huge value to the team. Which themselves do not want to lose the potential and future football like this out of the ufabet team.

         “Anthony Gordon is an Everton player, that’s for me. I don’t want to talk fictitiously,” said Lampard. “He’s in the squad tomorrow (Saturday – against Nottingham Forest), any discussions I have with him are personal.”

         Asked if a striker was needed more than keeping Gordon with the squad, Lampard reply: “We need both.”

“It’s a serious situation on a football and a club business level, simple as that. If you can join those two up and make the right decision… The football one is the most important to me. Because that is what I’m judged on.

“But we know his value. Will he be here at the end of the window? Who knows. I don’t want to get into hypotheticals.”