Ten Hag nailed the legs to gobble up a Man Utd

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Ten Hag is frustrated by being harassed by netizens about paying a high price to buy a 30+-year-old midfielder like Carlos Casemiro, by clarifying everything according to plans and ufabet football philosophy. Can get extra because of pita.

United have agreed a deal to buy Casemiro from Real Madrid for £ 59.2m on a four -year contract plus one year option. Hoping to take the experience of the five-time Champions League champion to compete for the starting position with Fred and Scott McTominay .  

However, he was caught wrongly taking the Brazilian footballer because he was trying to annoy Frenkie de Jong for more than three months but failed. Or pay too much for the record, the world’s third most expensive player at least 30 years old.

All in all , ‘ ETH ‘ insists on going along the roadmap. did not get paid because of the alarm as accused

“ Everything that has been done is confirmed by my working philosophy, ” ‘ ETH ‘ told its official website.

“ By now we may have deteriorated the situation. But I know the reason and we have to work hard to fix it. ”  

“ We will eliminate the problem. Let’s just say that everything will proceed according to philosophy and plans. ” 

The Dutch boss also has a description of being mocked for being a real field pig. Sing the training ground, whoever has a mouth, let it talk. The reason the form keeps coming and going is the nature of the new team.

” I’ve seen a lot of positive aspects of the team even in the pre – season game against Atletico Madrid . “

“ After that, everything standard fell. We must recover the situation as quickly as possible. But this kind of thing is normal in the team building process. ” 

“ You have grown and then your form has dropped. But it is a matter of maintaining proper form. and extending the model to be sustainable ” 

Ten Hag ‘s first official ‘ red red ‘ at Old Trafford Asian Hanicap lifts Liverpool to one goal -5, aggregate score of three.