How to Get Rid of Large Pores, oily face

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Large pores, oily face! Common skin problems in Thai women The more you age The pores are even more noticeable. Until having to find a secret to help tighten pores But no matter what method The problem of large pores is also bothering. In any case, it will not disappear once. That is because the real cause of the problem is not yet known. Making it impossible to choose a skin care method Or choose to use a product that does not meet the requirements Therefore solving the problem of large pores, however, it does not work ufabet.

The major cause of large pores and oily face

     Large pores and oily face can be caused by a number of reasons. Both from hereditary traits with skin problems Hormones in the body Mood and stress Including the sagging of the skin as you age But the main cause of large pores is oily skin. This is because the pores are enlarged to expel the oil. It is the main reason that causes the hairs to become bitter. It also results in clogging in the pores. Can become acne as well

How to choose a skin care? To be able to deal with the problem of large pores, it can actually face it

  • Contains ingredients that gently exfoliate old skin cells. To reduce clogging in the pores And tighten pores
  • Tested to work even on oily, acne-prone skin. Does not cause clogging And cause acne (Non-comedogenic tested and non-acnegenic tested)
  • The light serum texture is easily absorbed to provide deep nourishment. It also does not leave any oil on the skin. Reduce the chance of clogging
  • Tested by real users to see that it can actually tighten pores to look smaller.

     When the cause is known Should choose a product that solves the problem precisely.